Peer Reviewed: (PI = Principal Investigator, CI = Co-Investigator, CL = Collaborator)

2015-2022     Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR),  Foundation Grant

Moving knowledge into action for more effective practice, programs and policy: A research program focusing on integrated knowledge translation

I. Graham (PI)

Program Research Experts (CI): G. Alvarez, D. Banner-Lukaris,  I. Botting, J. Brehaut, S. Dunn, A. Gagliardi, W. Gifford, Dr. J. Grimshaw, K. HARLOS, T. Horsley, M. Kastner, A. Kothari, S. Kreindler, J. Lavis, F. Legare, M. Macleod, J. Mitchell, D. Moher, T. Montini, J. Rycroft-Malone, J. Salsberg, J. Squires, D. Stacey, S. Straus, M. Watson

Program Trainee Research Experts (CI): F. Bell, K. Mrklas, T. Nguyen, B. Wood

Program Knowledge User Experts (CI): E. Beaupre, K. Connell, J. Edwards, S. Fenton, Q. Hasanaj, B. Holmes, R. Ives, I. Jones, K. Lee, M. McEvoy, A. Mihalchuk, W. Nicklin, P. Odnokon, S. Permack, S. Rogalski, V. Roman, H. Sabourin, K. Salter, Y. Savoie, G. Scarrow, R. Sheldon, A. Sprague, A. Tang, C. Ulrich, P. Valentine, C. Weise, G. Wells, B. Wright


2015-2019     Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada,  Partnership Development Grant

Partnering to prevent workplace bullying using international and integrative perspectives

HARLOS (PI and Project Director), L. Axelrod (Guest researcher), C. Burr (CL), A. Hogh (CL), W. Josephson (CI), M. Knoll (CI), R. Lee (CI), D. Lewis (CI), L. Monzani (CI), G. O`Farrell (CI), T. Peter (CI), C. Taylor (CI)


2016-2018     Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba

Supervisor and worker perspectives on workplace accommodations for mental health

V. Kristman (PI), M. Corbière (CI), W. Shaw (CI), K. HARLOS (CI), M. Cernigoj (CI)


2016–2017    Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC)

  The Aspiring Workforce in Canada: Building the business case for employers to actively recruit and retain people living with mental illness

Gewurtz (PI), E. Tompa (CI), R. Lysaght (CI), B. Kirsh (CI), S. Moll (CI), S. Rueda (CI), K. HARLOS (CI), H. Sultan-Taieb (CI), A. MacDougall (CI)


2015-2017     Manitoba Health Research Council

Why is “soft integration” so hard? Assessing and improving system-level strategies to implement primary care renewal

S. Kreinder (PI), C. Metge (CI), X. Ye (CI), Y. Cui (CI), P. Beaudin (CI), C. Charette, (CI), A. Struthers (CI), A. Katz (CI), E. Bohm (CI), HARLOS (CI), K. Anderson (CI), T. Fogg (CI), J. Edwards (CI), I. Botting (CI), J. Francois (CI), S. Permack (CI)


2013-2017     Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Partnership Development Grant

Partnership for productive organizational conflict

        D. Gilin Oore (PI), A. Day (CI), C. Holmvall (CI), D. O`Keefe (CI), HARLOS (CI), L. Axelrod (CI), M. Leiter (CI), B. Solarz (CL), B. Brownlow (CL), F. O`Brien (CL)