Karen Harlos and Larry Axelrod developed measures of workplace mistreatment using both inductive and deductive research methods.

The 17-item workplace mistreatment scale captures interpersonal and institutional sources of mistreatment across subscales of verbal abuse (8 items), work obstruction (4 items) and emotional neglect (5 items). Subscales can be administered separately.

There are no fees for use of the scale but it is asked that you cite the original academic source (see below).

See Workplace Mistreatment Dimensions and Items

Citation: HARLOS, K. & Axelrod, L. 2005. Investigating hospital administrators’ experience of workplace mistreatment. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science, 37(4): 262-272.

Additional evidence of validity and reliability: HARLOS, K. & Axelrod, L. 2008. Work mistreatment and hospital administrative staff: Policy implications for healthier workplaces. Healthcare Policy, 4(1): 40-50.