Below are links to measures of workplace mistreatment that Karen Harlos and Larry Axelrod developed.

Together, these represent a multi-dimensional scale that captures both interpersonal and institutional sources of mistreatment across dimensions of verbal abuse, work obstruction and emotional neglect. Dimensions can be measured individually or collectively as a set.

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Content for Workplace Mistreatment Dimensions and Items

Citation for source: HARLOS, K. & Axelrod, L. 2005. Investigating hospital administrators’ experience of workplace mistreatment. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science, 37(4): 262-272.

Additional evidence of validity and reliability provided in HARLOS, K. & Axelrod, L. 2008. Work mistreatment and hospital administrative staff: Policy implications for healthier workplaces. Healthcare Policy, 4(1): 40-50.