Invited Scholar Visits and Academic Presentations (by research topic)

Topic: Employee Silence and Voice: Responses to Workplace Mistreatment
2014 April
St. Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia (Dr. Debra Gilin Oore)
2013 November
Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany (Centre for Leadership and Behaviour in Organizations, Dr. Dieter Zapf, Scientific Director)
University of Copenhagen, Denmark (Psychology Department, Dr. Annie Hogh)
Hanken School of Economics, Helsinki, Finland (Department of Management and Organization, Dr. Denise Salin)
2013 October
University of Bergen, Norway (Department of Psychosocial Science, Dr. Stale Einarsen)
Plymouth University, United Kingdom (School of Management, Sustainable Leadership Governance and Policy Group, Dr. Duncan Lewis)
Bradford University, United Kingdom (School of Management, Dr. Nelarine Cornelius)

Topic: Mining the Management Literature to Improve Healthcare
2013 October
St. Andrews University, Scotland (Social Dimensions of Health Institute with School of Management, Dr. Huw Davies)

Topic: Workplace Mistreatment in Healthcare Settings
2013 October
Glasgow University, Scotland (Adam Smith School of Business, Dr. Fiona Wilson)

Academic Conference Presentations (* indicates student supervised)

Gewurtz, E. Tompa, R. Lysaght, B. Kirsh, S. Moll, S. Rueda, K. HARLOS, H. Sultan-Taieb, A. MacDougall (2017, June). Building the business case for employers to actively recruit and retain people living with mental illness: A study in progress. Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain and Disability Conference on Safe, Healthy, and Productive Workplaces, Vancouver, BC.

HARLOS, K., O’Farrell, G., Polcyn Sailer, E., Josephson, W., Tremblay, S., Tan, P., Axelrod, L. (2017, May). Employee silence and workplace bullying: Correlates and predictors of non-reporting. Paper presented at 2017 European Association for Work and Organizational Psychology Congress, Dublin, Ireland.

Primrose, H.*, HARLOS, K., Taylor, C., Josephson, W., Peter, T., O’Farrell, G., Gulseren, D. (2017, May). Sexual orientation and workplace bullying: Uncovering patterns among LGBQ employees. Paper presented at 2017 European Association for Work and Organizational Psychology Congress, Dublin, Ireland.

O’Farrell, G., HARLOS, K., Morgan, J., Polcyn Sailer, E., (2016, June). Partnering for prevention: An innovative research-practice partnership to prevent workplace mistreatment and harassment. 68th Annual Institute of Public Administration of Canada Conference, Toronto, ON

Gilin Oore, D., Holmvall, C., HARLOS, K., Pope, K., LeBlanc, D., Solarz, B., Brownlow, B., Day, A., Leiter, M., Axelrod, L. (2016, June). Comparison of alternative conflict resolution with formal resolution approaches for employee well-being and efficacy. International Association for Conflict Management Conference, New York City, NY.

Polcyn Sailer, E., HARLOS, K, O’Farrell, G., Tremblay, S., Webb, C. (2016, April). Employer’s perspective on forming a first-time research partnership to measure and prevent bullying and harassment in the public sector. 10th International Association for Workplace Bullying and Harassment Conference, Auckland, New Zealand.

O’Farrell, G, HARLOS, K., Polcyn Sailer, E. (2016, April). Workplace bullying affecting role stress: A further exploration. 10th International Association for Workplace Bullying and Harassment Conference, Auckland, New Zealand.

HARLOS, K. (2014, August). Employee silence revisited. Human Resources/Social Issues in Management Symposium Silence and voice as employee responses to critical events, Academy of Management Conference, Philadelphia, PA.

HARLOS, K., Mages, S., Tremblay, S., O’Farrell, G. (2014, June). An occupational health and safety approach to preventing workplace bullying and harassment: Progress, pitfalls and promise. International Association for Workplace Bullying and Harassment Conference, Milan, Italy.

HARLOS, K., Blackstock, S., MacLeod, M., Hardy, C. (2013, March). Role stressors as an outcome of horizontal workplace bullying. Western Academy of Management Conference, Santa Fe, NM.

Blackstock, S., HARLOS, K., MacLeod, M., Hardy, C. (2012, October). Examining horizontal workplace bullying behaviors in nursing.  3rd International Conference on Violence in the Health Sector, Vancouver BC.

HARLOS, K., Kothari A., Ritchie J., Taylor L., Angus D., Baxter J., Hovanec N., Bird M. (2010, March). Using management knowledge to advance knowledge implementation in healthcare: scoping the literature. Manitoba Centre for Health Policy Conference, Winnipeg, MB.

MacLeod, M., Place, J. & HARLOS, K. (2009, October). Rural and northern practice and its development: A synthesis of findings. Canadian Rural Health Research Society Conference, Kingston, ON.

HARLOS, K., Botero, I. & Raile, A. (2006, August). Voicing and silencing dissatisfaction in self-managed work teams. All-Academy Symposium at the Academy of Management Conference, Atlanta, GA.

HARLOS, K. (2005, August). The dynamics of anger in negative work events. Academy of Management Conference, Honolulu, HI.

HARLOS, K. (2005, June). How disputants manage interpersonal conflict at work. International Association of Conflict Management Conference, Seville, Spain.

HARLOS, K. (2004, August). When bad things happen at work: A partial field test of affective events theory. Academy of Management Conference, New Orleans, LO.

HARLOS, K. (2004, August). Explaining silent discontent at work. Academy of Management Conference, New Orleans, LO.

HARLOS, K. (2004, June). Preferences for mediating personal harassment at work: A theory-driven approach. International Association of Conflict Management Conference, Pittsburgh, PA.

HARLOS, K. & Despatis, J. (2003, August). Mediating ethical disputes involving abuse of supervisory authority in organizations. Academy of Management Conference, Seattle, WA.

HARLOS, K. & Axelrod, L. (2002, August). Fair process and frustration effects among knowledge workers. Association of Management Conference, Quebec City, QC.

Pinder, C. & HARLOS, K. (2000, April). Silent organizational behavior. Western Academy of Management Conference, Honolulu, HI. Best Paper Finalist.

HARLOS, K. (1995, August). Beauty and the beast: Radical feminist theory and power in organizations. Academy of Management Conference, Vancouver, BC. Dorothy Harlow Best Paper Finalist.

HARLOS, K. (1991, May). Some new directions in in-basket scoring: A study in progress. Annual Congress on the Assessment Centre Method, Toronto, ON

Invited Presentations and Workshops: Community, Academic, Executive

2016       UWinnipeg and knowledge mobilization. At the request of the University President’s Office for Leadership Winnipeg, Winnipeg, MB.

2015      The Mid-Career Retrofit (with S.Baack, R. Stackman, T. Wright). Mid-Career Workshop, Western Academy of Management Conference, Kauai, HW.

2013        Strategies for preventing workplace bullying. Manitoba Psychological Society, Winnipeg, MB.

2013       Academics Gone Astray: Wayfinding Strategies for Mid-Career Faculty (with S. Hammond)Western Academy of Management Conference, Santa Fe, NM.

2012       Excellence and Human Sustainability (with S. Kovoor-Misra)Western Academy of Management Conference, La Jolla, CA.

2010       Toward healthy workplaces: Identifying and dealing with bullying and mistreatment. Faculty of Medicine, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB.

2010       Using management knowledge to improve the healthcare system. University of Winnipeg Inaugural Lecture Series, Winnipeg. MB.

2008       Looking at the world through theory-tinted glasses: Planned action and organizational theories of change. With Graham, I., Tetroe, J., Robinson, N., Harrison, M., & Baxter, J. Knowledge Translation 2008: Forum for the Future, Banff, AB.

2008      Leading Teams in Healthcare. International Masters in Health Leadership Program, McGill University

2007      Using organizational research to advance the science and practice of healthcare implementation. School of Business; Rural and Northern Practice Research Team, University of Northern British Columbia; Northern Health Authority, Prince George, BC.

2006      Hospital administrators’ experience of workplace mistreatment. Schulich Organizational Behaviour Speaker Series, Schulich School of Business, York University, Toronto, ON.

2005      Understanding Employee Silence. International Master’s Program for Practicing Managers, McGill Faculty of Management

2005      Personal Leadership. Module 1 – Reflective Leadership, Advanced Leadership Program, McGill International Executive Institute

2005      Effective Research Presentations (with T. Lituchy for PhD students), Concordia University, QC.

2004      Motivating and Leading in Academic Practice (with L. Axelrod). Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Paediatric Postgraduate Training Program (with McGill Faculty of Management)

2003     Leadership, Teamwork and Conflict Management for Academic Chairs and Clinical Leaders (with L. Axelrod), McGill Faculty of Medicine

2003     Building and Leading Teams, International Executive Development Centre, Bled School of Management, Slovenia

2002     Building Leadership Skills for Women, McGill International Executive Institute

2000     Using grounded theory to investigate organizational injustice. Faculty of Commerce and Administration, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

2000     Writing Successful Grant Proposals, University of Otago

1992     Corporate culture: Myth or reality?  BC Human Resources Management Association Conference, Vancouver, BC.

1992     Employment equity: Past research, present issues, and future directions. Psychology Department Seminar Series, University of British Columbia